Kelly is a fantastic role model for women in the younger generation who are navigating this field. She is always helpful and incredibly insightful as she pushes for innovation and advancement within MTech.

Berenice Camacho

Berenice (Bere) has been working in MTech close to 20 years!! that by itself is already hard to achieve. She has grown with the company and has been instrumental in helping build the Professional Services team and BI team responsible for the Axis product. Bere is always willing to help others when needed and is looking for MTech's best interests.

Mariane Acordi

She is a leader, participative, and leads by example. In one year at the company I have always witnessed her doing the right thing, and teaching people to do it by her own example. She overcame a very difficult year in her health, and at no time was she discouraged, being in the office with the team on days that she notoriously could not, but showing great strength and determination.

Hiliana Torres

Hiliana is always willing to help out other departments when we’re in a crunch and teach them what we need to do in order to make development more successful

Vanessa Barbera

She is the former tech support leader for latam team, but before leaving, she built one of the most successfull team for customer service, one team known for giving an excellent service to all of our latam customers, which even helped with billings related to support invoices in previous years

Melony Ward

"Trough the years , Melony has been an exceptional contributor to Mtech. Excellent co-worker, always open to spread her knowledge to teams member and any other person in the organization. Always joyful knows how to represent MTech values at different scenarios."

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