Mariane Acordi

Leadership, extracting the best out of each person, treats everyone eaqually.

Abby Rodriguez

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to Abby Rodriguez for her positive attitude and hard work. She is generous, thoughtful and supportive. I appreciate the kindness and friendship she brings to our workplace.

Elisabeth McDowell

She has been crucial to our success for the sales department. She makes She we are taken care of and does a great job at organizing the events we do as a company

√Črika Signorini

I am inspired by her daily commitment on doing great things for the company and family at the same time.

Hayley Ginn

One of the most powerful woman I have met at work in my whole life. Very strong and inspiring person.

Karla Nila

Very professional, strong and sweet at the same time. Sees us not as resources but human-being. A real proof of women are the best on executing many tasks.

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