8:40 AM

Opening Message

Jim Johnston - Sales Director Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia


9:00 AM

Amino: The exception to the rule

John Kidd - Sales Director and Aaron Levy - Director of Analytics & Pro Services

Learn about the key solution that will shape the future of MTech and the industry (a deep dive into Amino and Axis).


9:45 AM

Data science detective work?

Evan Sadlon - Data Science Manager

This is a loose continuation of Demystifying AI. With the foundation laid, we can get into more advanced topics surrounding the three types of Machine Learning, feature importance/engineering, different types of models, and their pros/cons.


11:00 AM

Managing digital transformation (the cyclone)

Chris Lee - Director of Information Technology

I want to explore with you what type(s) of leadership will be required to manage fear, leverage technology, leverage remote workforces, and manage insane amounts of data all at a pace business has not traveled at before.


12:45 PM

Food for thought: Protein to Amino

Chris Blosfeld - VP of Operations Ercole Di Feliciantonio - Business Project Director

This is a discussion where our team will reveal how you should plan for transitioning from Protein to Amino.


2:45 PM

Panel: Cyber Security

Host: Simon Cohen - VP of Sales and Marketing

This will be an interactive discussion highlighting the important topic of Cyber Security. What are the best practices? What should be taken into consideration? And more.

See bios of our Cyber Security Panel


3:45 PM

Amino: live haul scheduling, deconstructing the black box

Marcel Cohen - President of MTech Systems and Chris Blosfeld - VP of Operations

In this presentation you will get a look inside of a new feature in Amino that solves the industry wide challange: live haul scheduling.

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