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Break the limitations of archaic data management tools and cover all performance, costing, and planning needs with the precision only high tech provides.

Manage your entire operation from anywhere, anytime, online, or offline. That’s the Amino way.

Broiler Efficiency at its Finest

Automated data capture

Access all your data points in real time and don’t miss a thing.

All your data… in one place

For more transparent and seamless business practices.

Complete traceability

Ensure flock performance, health, and livability by tracing each aspect of its life cycle.

Farm by farm, house by house comparison

Hyper segmentation of your data allows you to better understand your business’ performance.

Complete planning capabilities

Deliveries, feeding, weight gain, and much more. Plan and let Amino do the hard work.

Reduce clerical work hours

Allocate manpower where you need it the most. Not manually inputting data.

Discover the Full Power of Amino

Highly Detailed Reports

Generate comprehensive and detailed reports on virtually any aspect of your production chain so that you know what’s really going on with surgical precision.

Futureproof Projections

Know what the future holds with Amino’s highly tailored projections and make the right decisions today for tomorrow’s harvesting.

What Our Partners Have to Say

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Zaidy Rodriguez
Walmart Costa Rica

"MTech es la herramienta que nos permite conocer y controlar los datos técnicos y los resultados de campo, de manera amigable, ágil y confiable."

Steve Cox
Director of IT - Wayne Farms LLC

"MTech has done very well in moving their technology forward, to help us keep pace with our changing business environment and expanding business needs."

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Rod Harder
CFO - Granny's Poultry Cooperative Canada

"MTech's software has changed the way we run our business using data. Their expertise and software are a valuable asset to our company."

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