Eurocup 2020

Congrats on the big win

Reliving your moment of glory

It has been an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting journey up to this point but it was all worth it.  

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Sweet victory: what it takes

To win the cup it took a lot of dedication and strategy. The same can be said about running a successful poultry production companyWith the right team, tools, and strategy in place, your business will be set up for the perfect goal return. 

MTech Systems has been in the business of helping poultry companies win for 30 plus years.

See the strategies for how we help poultry producers win.

A look inside the MTech playbook

Our approach is different than our opponents.

We provide our league of businesses with the best of breed software to optimize production and put money back in their pockets.   

We offer a full chain solution that touches every production area from the hatchery to the plant. MTech utilizes cutting-edge technologies to solve the industry’s most complex challenges from increasing profit to building a sustainable business, to improving end consumer perception and animal welfare.  

One system for all your performance and costing data to gather goal worthy insights faster  


Stay in the know about what’s happening on every farm and house remotely and get alerted of any potential issues before they impact production 


Use Artificial Intelligence to get actual bird weights and increase yield at the plant  


Utilize Data Science and Business Intelligence to find where issues originate and discover how to fix them. Drill down into years’ of data in seconds to quickly see what needs to be optimized first

“MTech has done very well in moving their technology forward, to help us keep pace with our changing business environment and expanding business needs.”
Steve Cox
Director of IT, Wayne Farms LLC

A masterclass for your production business

Make the most of every chance with MTech. With the right formations and tactics, you’ll be on your way to winning another cup.

Fightback and finish strong

Jump on a call with one of our consultants to get a personalized masterclass and playbook for your production business 

Welcome to the new MTech experience!

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