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Marcel D. Cohen

President of MTech Systems USA, LLC.

“A dream chaser leading a team of innovators with an infinite drive for customer service”


Simon Cohen

Vice President of MTech Systems USA, LLC.

“Investor and Passionate to Feed the World” 



Padmini Persaud

Environmental Engineer

“I strive to develop sustainability practices and principles to allow environmentally conscious efficiency in the agriculture industry.”

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At this year's conference, we have several unique networking opportunities planned.

Get ready for an open bar, culinary experiences, rooftop lawn games, casino night, and many more.

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An immersive hotel in the heart of Midtown, Epicurean Atlanta celebrates all the wonderful flavors that life has to offer.  From unique dining experiences, to luxurious rooms, and even a rooftop terrace, Epicurean is the perfect location to host our event.


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El avance oficial y el aperitivo de nuestra Conferencia de Usuarios de 2022

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Marcel D. Cohen

President of MTech Systems USA, LLC.

30 years ago, I combined my technology education along with my fathers' influence in the poultry industry to start MTech Systems.

In starting the company, my goal is like my Father’s, to help producers all over the world create a more sustainable way to feed the planet. In my role as President of MTech Systems, I get the opportunity to lead an innovative team. We create revolutionary technology that shapes the future of agriculture. I believe small daily decisions done by many can bring about big change.

Topic: Research and Development and Our Vision

"In my presentation at the Users conference 2022, I plan to share our exciting roadmap as well as some cool recent research and development projects."

Simon Cohen

Vice President of MTech Systems USA, LLC.

I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, and later received my bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Southern University. As a part of my work experience, I worked with Systemate, Netherlands, where I was responsible for the design of poultry processing plants. Currently, I am a Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and shareholder with M-Tech Systems. I am responsible for transforming our company profile from a regional company in the Southeastern United States to a global industry leader in agribusiness software. I am passionate about life, and travel, and I enjoy empowering people to see the fruit of their hard work.

Topic: ERP Integration Basic vs. Best practices

Co-Speaker with Aaron Levy

Topic: Proline Personalization’s, Projections and all the Possibilities

"At this year’s conference, I will be sharing the impact that Proline has had on the industry by sharing real success stories and more."

Padmini Persaud

Environmental Engineer

I got my bachelor's degree from the University of Florida in Environmental Engineering and my Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I have always been involved with environmental work whether that be through activism or professional practice. Professionally, I have worked in water and wastewater treatment, stormwater management, sustainability, and have a history with life cycle assessment work as well. My area of expertise is now sustainable development and environmental resilience. I am passionate about doing good things for the world. I take great pride in my work because I know my actions and efforts are focused on positive impacts and change.

Topic: What does it take to Count your Carbon?

"Please join me at the Conference for a look at what full-scale carbon accounting takes and understand where you can start. This presentation is meant to begin a discussion about greenhouse gas emissions in the poultry industry and other environmental concerns. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns through a guided discussion as we evaluate MTech’s efforts to drive sustainability forward."

Chris Blosfeld

Vice President of Operations

I Obtained a degree in Political Science and Psychology before working in a University research setting on software and technical development. I Joined MTech as a start-up in the 1990s and helped build it to be the world’s leading provider of solutions in the protein production industry. While at MTech, I have held roles in Projects, Sales, Marketing and Operations. I have experience in every phase of software product delivery from design and scope, sales, implementation, ongoing support, and technical configuration. My area of expertise is in people and relationships. I am passionate about helping others succeed and grow by sharing my experiences both good and bad.

Topic: Making the Change. Evolving into Amino without the growing pains

Co-Speaker with Ercole Di Feliciantonio

Chris Lee

Director of Information Technology

I’m an IT Executive with 20+ years of experience in Business Transformation, Product Creation and Delivery. I have experience delivering innovative solutions for fortune 500 enterprises with strong credibility across business and technology groups. I’ve been involved in all al levels of technology from software development to focus on IT delivery today. My core passion is to deliver technology for real business benefit. From my start as a software developer up until today, I still get a thrill seeing the difference technology makes in how people work and how that translates into the advantages business gets from technology. I believe that good IT delivery results in increased annual revenue, streamlined operations, boosted productivity and efficiency, decrease wasted time, cost reductions, improved customer relations, better service, and reaching more customers globally.

Topic: Managing Digital Transformation (the cyclone)

"At this year’s conference I will share my experience in the management of digital transformation and technology. We need to be prepared for constant and continuous business disruption. I want to explore with you what type(s) of leadership will be required to manage fear, leverage technology, leverage remote workforces, and manage insane amounts of data all at a pace business has not traveled at before."

Evan Sadlon

Data Science Manager

I am a South Floridian native with a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. I joined MTech in 2016 as an entry-level SQL report writer but I was ambitious for more. I am currently the data science manager for MTech and I recently received my Master’s in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech. My area of expertise is problem simplification by data science detective work while using A.I. My passions are the arts. I would love to be able to draw in charcoal or master the piano, but there are only a limited amount of hours in the day!

Topic: Demystifying AI

Co-Speaker with Jim Johnston

Topic: Data Science Detective Work

"At the event, I will be discussing “Data Science Detective Work”. This is a loose continuation of Demystifying AI. With the foundation laid, we can get into more advanced topics surrounding the three types of Machine Learning, feature importance/engineering, different types of models, and their pros/cons."

Ercole Di Feliciantonio

Business Projects Director

I have over 16-years’ experience successfully leading global projects. I help develop large-scale world-class systems while keeping our partners current with analytics, conversions and planning integration. I have a passion for fostering long-lasting relationships with clients and business partners that drive positive outcomes.

Topic: Making the Change. Evolving into Amino without the growing pains

Co-Speaking with Chris Blosfeld

"At the conference, Chris and I will be discussing Amino planning and conversion highlights with a focus on the user-friendly transformations including the ease of visibility and navigation. Also, we touch on the simple comprehensive analysis of the full circle supply chain planning and integrations."

Aaron (Ari) Levy

Director of Business Analytics and Pro Services

My background is in Business Administration. My expertise is in Project Implementation, Systems Integration, and transforming companies using Business Analytics. My Passions are Helping others to grow and succeed, team building, and leadership.

Topic: ERP Integration Basic vs. Best practices

Co-Speaker with Simon Cohen

Topic: Building a Better You with BI Analytics using MTech

"At the User’s Conference, I would like to have a round-table discussion with you discussing the importance of how analytics and our technological advances have helped us make better business decisions, get faster insights, as well as share with you experiences of how technology has and will continue to transform other companies."

Kelly Schulz

Product Manager

Before joining MTech in 2014, I earned an engineering degree in Digital Arts & Sciences from the University of Florida. This degree combines creative and engineering disciplines, which allows me to encourage innovation while working within technical limitations. At MTech, I am currently the product manager for Sonar where I get to create solutions that bring IoT to the poultry industry. In my role, I partner with end-users, designers, and developers to bring products from idea to launch. I am passionate about enabling people to overcome obstacles and constantly innovating the ways in which we do that.

Topic: Sonar, fresh out of the oven

"At The Users Conference, it will be my pleasure to share the new and exciting advances in Sonar with a full demonstration of all the fresh features and a take a peek at what the future will hold."

Jim Johnston

Sales Director of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia

I have 47 years of poultry experience working across Europe, Asia, Oceana and Africa. My roles have ranged from basic farming tasks to being a key Board member of stock market-listed poultry integration companies. My main role at MTech is to reach new markets with groundbreaking technology while building customer relationships. My expertise is in poultry management integrations that use data and A.I. to drive continuous improvement while creating an efficient, profitable and sustainable impact on the supply chain. My Passions include the development of people and I also enjoy helping to grow the capacity of poultry companies around the world…Oh and let’s not forget the Heart of Midlothian Football Club.

Topic: Demystifying AI

Co-Speaker with Evan Sadlon

Topic: Poultry Outlook

"In our session, Evan and I will be discussing the demystification of Artificial Intelligence. What AI is, how it works and why you should care about your data. This talk is aimed at those who are interested in learning more about power and the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning."

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