European Supply Chain Consultants

MTech's has specialists everywhere in the world including in Europe. Select the consultant below to best fit your needs.

Simon Cohen

New Technology Implementation Specialist

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Mr. Cohen received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Southern University. Previously, he worked with Systemate, Netherlands, responsible for the design of poultry processing plants. Mr. Cohen is now Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and shareholder with M-Tech Systems, responsible for transforming its profile from a regional company in the Southeastern United States to a global industry leader in agribusiness software.

Nikolay Shchetikhin

Live Operations Planning Specialist

11+ years working in poultry, numerous projects, and countries, at front line of software implementations, first-hand experience of working with data and poultry companies. Passionate about making things happen. Helping people and companies to succeed and thrive. Strong believer in idea of technologies helping people to live in harmony with mother nature. Enjoying off-work time with family, book, or motorcycle.

Jim Johnston

Supply Chain Planning Specialist

45+ years in the poultry industry, worked at top several breeding, broiler and egg companies around the globe, runs his own poultry consulting business and serves as the director of sales at MTech Systems. Offers expertise in: optimization of integrated poultry production, the use of data to drive continuous improvement and turning data into a powerful management tool.

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