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Amino is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution that covers the entire supply chain and allows you to combine all your performance, costing, and planning into one platform.

Amino layer management software is designed to provide

Curious to know how many eggs the future weeks of a flock will produce?

“With the use of artificial intelligence, we have been able to get within 98.5% to 99% of actual. In certain weeks we’ve gotten within .4% of the actual”

“With MTech, we see real-time data on the position of the flocks, eliminate the manual process for compiling data, and have true visibility within all departments. This in turn helps us to make faster and smarter decisions. We are seeing the benefits of incremental changes and adjustments within the system. With the time savings alone, our investment in MTech has been worth it and we are happy we made the decision to digitize our business with MTech.”

Zac Carter Herbruck's

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