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Maximize performance and profit with Amino

Amino is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution that covers the entire supply chain and allows you to combine all your performance, costing, and planning into one platform.  

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Nathan Lamb

Director of Sales for Southeast Asia and Oceania. He has been with MTech Systems for over 9 years. Prior to sales, Nathan was a project manager implementing the MTech Systems platform across the world specifically working with poultry integrators , feed mills and farmers. He has helped customers all over the world with enhancing supply chain management, improving business processes by identifying inefficiencies and finding unrecognized financial data. Nathan lives in the United States in the state of Georgia. He has a degree in managerial information systems for Kennesaw State University

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Sarah Haberecht

After beginning her career in the poultry livestock industry, Sarah then moved into the stockfeed industry as a monogastric technical specialist. Her experiences on rearing, breeder and broiler farms, hatchery quality assurance, livestock planning and technical farming services provide a sound base to draw on. In recent years Sarah has undertaken the responsibilities as the Poultry Information Exchange Conference Committee, and has been elected president for the 2024 event. Sarah is also the current President of the Worlds Poultry Science Association – Victorian branch. During the industry roles, Sarah completed her Masters in nutrition and is currently completing a PhD where she is investigating macroalgae in poultry feeds. Her interests lie in poultry gut health and practical science ideas for poultry production, which is continued further now with the role at MTech, where she hopes to help the poultry and swine industries get the most from precision livestock farming resources. 

MTech Amino’s impact on the entire supply chain

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Breeder Operations

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Broiler Operations

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