Celebrating the women of MTech for Women's Month

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Kelly is a fantastic role model for women in the younger generation who are navigating this field. She is always helpful and incredibly insightful as she pushes for innovation and advancement within MTech.

Berenice Camacho

Berenice (Bere) has been working in MTech close to 20 years!! that by itself is already hard to achieve. She has grown with the company and has been instrumental in helping build the Professional Services team and BI team responsible for the Axis product. Bere is always willing to help others when needed and is looking for MTech's best interests.

Mariane Acordi

She is a leader, participative, and leads by example. In one year at the company I have always witnessed her doing the right thing, and teaching people to do it by her own example. She overcame a very difficult year in her health, and at no time was she discouraged, being in the office with the team on days that she notoriously could not, but showing great strength and determination.

Hiliana Torres

Hiliana is always willing to help out other departments when we’re in a crunch and teach them what we need to do in order to make development more successful

Vanessa Barbera

She is the former tech support leader for latam team, but before leaving, she built one of the most successfull team for customer service, one team known for giving an excellent service to all of our latam customers, which even helped with billings related to support invoices in previous years

Melony Ward

"Trough the years , Melony has been an exceptional contributor to Mtech. Excellent co-worker, always open to spread her knowledge to teams member and any other person in the organization. Always joyful knows how to represent MTech values at different scenarios."

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Mariane Acordi

Leadership, extracting the best out of each person, treats everyone eaqually.

Abby Rodriguez

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to Abby Rodriguez for her positive attitude and hard work. She is generous, thoughtful and supportive. I appreciate the kindness and friendship she brings to our workplace.

Elisabeth McDowell

She has been crucial to our success for the sales department. She makes She we are taken care of and does a great job at organizing the events we do as a company

Érika Signorini

I am inspired by her daily commitment on doing great things for the company and family at the same time.

Hayley Ginn

One of the most powerful woman I have met at work in my whole life. Very strong and inspiring person.

Karla Nila

Very professional, strong and sweet at the same time. Sees us not as resources but human-being. A real proof of women are the best on executing many tasks.

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Mariane Acordi

Her strong and fight against the disease and how she overcame.

Estefania Lopez

She always goes above and beyond even when it's not part of her job. She comes up with great ideas and is an inspiration to me with her positivity even when things are hard.

Claudia Alvarado

She never hesitates to help me even when it's last minute or she's working on something else. She has great movie suggestions and is always eager to learn more.

Misty Walton

She makes our team stronger, with her creativity and knowledge, she inspired us too learn more about the company and the business, to have better content to communicate our message with our clientes and teach of new tools and is always happy to help us.

Aranaza Hernandez

She is a team player and does whatever it takes to push herself to the next level.

Lucero Reséndiz

She is extremely talented in design but also a creative person who takes her spirit into her personal life on the farm and at home. I love to hear her stories about her love for animals.

This month’s nominations were...

Short interviews with some of the extraordinary women of MTech

Aura Vallejo

Projects · BR

It is a month that exalts women and gives them the importance they have in the world and highlights their tenacity and strength to get ahead.

My mother, who was widowed very young and raised my sister and me.

Get ready and love everything you do, so you can achieve everything you set out to do!!

Veronica Cortez


It is very important because we are not the sex defil on the contrary we are pillars in a family and even in a company, behind each man there is a great woman and it is incredible that we are commemorated for all our effort.
My mom is my role model because every day she knows how hard she tries and instills in me the values so I can teach them to my daughter.
That they believe that they are capable of achieving any goal they propose based on effort and dedication.

Padmini Persaud

Data Science · US

Women's history month is a great time to reflect and honor the women of the past who dared to push boundaries and grow through discomfort. Not just for themselves but for the women of their time and the generations that followed.
Rachel Carson - She is the author of Silent Spring. She challenged the direction science was going and urged people to look closely at natural systems and how they work to sustain life on Earth. She really made people think about their impacts and drove home a message of restraint. Just because we can doesn't mean we should.
The industry moves so quickly that it can sometimes feel hard to keep up but you should never stop learning and growing - on both personal and professional levels.

Fernanda Jasso


In past years I have understood all of the pending work feminism has and started to call out unjust and sexist actions in my daily life. Women's history month is when I feel more listened to and can share so many of my experiences and listen to other women so we can all review the next steps to follow to fight inequity. "If you think we talk too much is because you don't want to listen to us."
Marsha P. Johnson, she didn't allowed her to be silenced and started Pride. I learned that for something to change, you need to stop attending to the "be silent" to be able to be heard.
Be loud, share every experience with sexism that has made you feel not listened to, stand your ground and know what you know, people will try to lower your voice to allow men to keep talking over you, but you're here because you're smart and with valuable knowledge, that deserves to be listened to.

Claudia Lugo


It is very important because we are not the sex defil on the contrary we are pillars in a family and even in a company, behind each man there is a great woman and it is incredible that we are commemorated for all our effort.
My beautifull grandmother, because she never stop for nothing
That they believe that they are capable of achieving any goal they propose based on effort and dedication.

Karla Nila


For me it means a month to recognize the great women that thanks to them today we have the opportunity to participate equally. Also recognize the effort of us as women in all areas of society, in addition to the fact that we are not alone but that we will always be there to support each other.
the warrior women of life, those who set their minds to things and achieve it, those who do not give up no matter how difficult the situation, those who love, those who help others and those who manage to get out of any adversity
Never give up, fight for what you want and for your dreams. All is possible!!
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