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Be light years ahead with smart farming at IPPE 2022

The data universe is so vast, and it can be difficult to navigate. Data is useless without the proper tools to help you extract valuable insights.  

Find your way to better flock performance and profit with Amino 

Amino is that tool and your launching pad for growth

Amino is a cloud-based full supply chain management analytics software that any sized poultry and swine producer can use to grow their business.

3 reasons to choose Amino to grow your operation


Fast implementation and easy to navigate interface  


Scaling is simple: plug in to planning, IoT, Business Intelligence tools, feed scheduling, and more 


Amino helps you with more than just optimizing your business for greater profit: it also helps you increase animal welfare, improve sustainably and more 

Save time and get better insights

“When we were presented with Amino it was pretty intriguing to think of all the ways that Amino would save us a lot of data entry and help us to analyze that data more efficiently.”
Jim Pigeon
Green Country Farms

Amino is the fastest, most powerful data management and planning tool available in the universe. 

Out of this world features

Mobile App

Manage multiple farms and facilities

Automatic reports

360 dashboards to show costing and performance data simultaneously

3,2,1 Blastoff

For over 30 years MTech has been helping producers to leverage the latest technology to increase performance and profit. Whether you’re new to smart farming or just looking to upgrade your system, our team of consultants can help.

Launch into greater growth with Amino

See the potential of what Amino can do for your operation in a one-on-one demo 

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