Turning your data into insights that transfer to profit

In this video, we will walk you through an interactive board game experience and show you some winning steps that will help you to up your smart farming game.  

For 30 plus years MTech has worked with the top poultry companies to help them get more out of their data.

The easiest way to start smart farming

Even though no companies path is one in the same there a few common steps all businesses follow no matter where they are in their journey.

Download this pdf to learn more about these steps

Choose the right solution to support your goals

MTech creates full-chain solutions for every goal. Learn more about each tool that has the power transform your business.

Farm Data Management

Provide every contributor in the food production chain a powerful and simple solution


Cloud-based poultry farm management app that covers all performance, costing, and planning needs
Explore Amino

Production planning

Let Artificial Intelligence find the balance for you

Amino Processing

Planning software powered by Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency and yield while decreasing waste
Explore Amino Processing

Iot Solution

Getting started with IoT smart monitoring is easier than you think


Stop running from barn to barn, save time, prioritize what's important, and stay in the know
Explore Sonar

Business Intelligence

Industry specific dashboards, analytics and reports across the supply-chain


Cut the time it takes to analyze lots of data in half. Gain the insights you need faster
Explore Axis
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