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5.0 takes production to the next level by utilizing robots, IoT, and AI to increase efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

AI’s influence on weight projection accuracy in poultry

Watch this video to see how MTech Systems a full supply-chain software company, with 30+ years of experience, was able to use AI to increase weight projection accuracy by over 85%.

Getting better results with AI

AI models interrogate performance data sets where multi-factorial issues are at play.

For example, the data science team at MTech worked with a company and found out the performance issue they were having traced all the way back to machines at the hatchery.

In this case, the AI models were able to crunch large amounts of data to find and fix the root issue.

Want to see how other industry leaders are using AI across the supply chain?

Download this e-book that will walk you through what is possible with AI from the hatchery to the plant.

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Agricultural AI yearly growth

The overall AI in the agriculture market is projected to grow from an estimated $1.0 billion in 2020 to $4.0 billion by 2026, meaning that between 2020 and 2026 the sector of Agricultural AI will grow by 25 percent yearly.

Steve Cox Director of IT - Wayne Farms LLC

Lead with innovation

MTech has done very well in moving their technology forward, to help us keep pace with our changing business environment and expanding business needs.

AI’s impact on the poultry supply chain

Artificial intelligence tools will help poultry and swine businesses to scale to profitability faster.

Use artificial intelligence to:

Reduce Manpower

Match live weights efficiently to SKU’s

Get your animals to the factory on time

Increase workplace efficiency

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