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Look inside The first planning and production software for commercial egg producers

Introducing MTech Systems software solution for layer companies

Egg producers need a central and safe place to not only store their data but also a toolkit to allow them to get fast insights. MTech layer management solutions handle all this and more.

MTech layer management solutions....

Simple dashboards

Offer easy to digest dashboards that allow for fast insight

All in one analytics

Combine all costing and performance data into one place

Optimize production

Provide egg producers with the right tools to get the largest number of high-quality eggs of the correct size from each hen housed in the shortest period of time at the lowest cost.

Intuitive navigation

Utilize the latest technology from IoT to Machine Learning to Business Intelligence to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity

Free PDF: Benefits of utilizing new technologies in modern egg production

Learn more about how the latest technologies and egg production can help producers navigate challenges and overcome obstacles in this free report.

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