Poultry farm management software for modern producers

Is your current data really reliable?

If you’re using a spreadsheet, probably not. Here’s why:


As production increases more data will need to be captured

Demand is growing and producers are asked to produce more with less resources.

Spreadsheets are not set up to support a growing production business and the future data influx

It’s time to transition from a spreadsheet to an industry tailored relational database

MTech offers one system for improved traceability, lowered risk management & optimal decision making.

Trusted by 100’s of the industry's top producers

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Our all-in-one poultry farm management system provides

Our easy-to-use solutions...


 Farm Management data hub

  AI powered planning


Data Science

This just touches the surface of how we’ve supported the poultry industry’s growth and profit for 30 plus years.

A powerful cross supply chain toolkit for better decision making

Tracking and monitoring your production KPI’s in one centralized traceable system allows trends to be uncovered faster.

You cannot manage what you do not measure.

MTech makes it possible to measure any KPI so you can easily optimize it for your companies goals.

Hatcheries can...

Layers can...

Broilers can...

Feed Mills can...

Plants can...

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