poultry production & farm management solutions

Amino is an easy-to-use cloud-based poultry farm management app that covers all performance, costing, and planning needs

Replace stacks of paper and spreadsheet after spreadsheet

Cut data entry time in a half

“When we were presented with Amino it was pretty intriguing to think of all the ways the information would pull together, and that we would be able to get information into the system directly from the integrator. As well as, the fact that Amino would save us a lot of data entry, and help us to analyze that data more efficiently.”
Jim Pigeon
Green Country Farms

Easy and convenient to see where your farm is at all in one stop

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Gather valuable insights faster business demo

Built on top of a 30 year old proven poultry solution used by the best producers in the industry

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With Amino you will….Gain full control over production and be able to monitor your entire farm performance

Amino vs. Excel

Download this PDF to learn how amino can help you avoid the fatal business risks that are common among spreadsheet users.

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