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Herbruck's poultry ranch case study

Herbruck's has been an MTech customer for 4 years. Recently we interviewed Zack Carter, Junior Analyst at Herbruck's about his experience with MTech.

Performance tracking over the life of flocks

Growing, moving, and tracking the performance of a flock over multiple stages is no easy task. Before MTech, there were stacks and stacks of flock paperwork in filing cabinets and handwritten 7-day reports and graphs were our best bet as far as keeping management and employees up to date on the performance of flocks.

After implementing MTech, we have been able to drastically reduce the bulk of those files by storing many of the necessary documents as attachments to the chick receiving and transfer transactions. We have also been able to leverage MTech to simplify and improve our record keeping and flock tracking. With the easy to manage data flow, we have been able to increase the robustness of our entire reporting suite while also making the data more accessible and readily available to managers and employees for decision making purposes.

We used to have to track and account for the costs for birds up to 21 weeks (about 5 months), and then manually manage a spreadsheet every month to get our depreciation/mortality entries.

This has been the biggest life-changer for me personally. MTech helped me to finally get rid of that cumbersome spreadsheet with all of that is built-in to MTech. Our valuations are more consistent than they have ever been, and we are able to keep a tighter eye on the individual cost segments at each stage of our flock’s lives and accurately compare costs and trends across different pullet growing locations.

Capitalization Transactions and Bird Amortization / Bird Inventory Accounting

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More amazing features

Demand Planning and Flock Scheduling

The layer-planning module has significantly reduced the margin of error in day-to-day projections and planning as it accounts for actual historical performance rather than just rigidly following the standard. This means that when any flocks are under-performing or over-performing, the projections are adjusted to match in real-time.

Vaccine Inventory and Usage Tracking

Another smaller but still major feature we leverage heavily is the ability to allocate vaccine transactions directly to entities and manage our inventories. This just helps contribute to accurate costing of flocks and accurate accounting for goods received and invoiced.

What has your experience been like working with MTech?

"With MTech, we see real-time data on the position of the flocks, eliminate the manual process for compiling data, and have true visibility within all departments. This in turn helps us to make faster and smarter decisions. We are seeing the benefits of incremental changes and adjustments within the system. With the time savings alone, our investment in MTech has been worth it"
Zack Carter
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