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Together we can increase yield, ensure animal welfare, improve our environment, and feed a growing world population.

Explore the world of what's possible with full supply chain data management

Amino: The only poultry management system that allows you to...

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Manage the growing cycle to maximize…

Forecast optimal harvest schedules to best meet plant requirements.

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MTech serves 125+ of the world’s largest protein integrators.
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MTech saves growers hours by producing automated solutions.
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MTech pairs farmers with the right technology across the globe.
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MTech increases supply chain control by providing producers the best forecasting tools.
By 2050, the average farm will generate 4.1 million data points through internet of things sensors and related devices.


Discover solutions that answer the poultry industry's top challenges

Data automation

Access IOT automated in-barn monitoring for your flock. No more manual bird weight tracking. View analytic dashboards to understand trends, industry benchmarks and more.

Supply chain planning & forecasting

Optimize full chain performance and gain powerful insights that provide full resource analysis results, tailored schedules, and allow for smarter predictions.

business Intelligence & data analysis

Discover instant and actionable data that unpacks the why behind every KPI. Quickly determine cause and effect relationships through the easy use of dashboards, visuals, and reports.

data integration

Seamlessly integrate with your ERP through a single point of entry and other industry tools to get a fuller picture of your performance, costing, and planning data.

accounting optimization

Save time by using an industry tailored system to track all your farm’s costing from live animal to finished goods.

certification & compliance

Receive peace of mind knowing your data is all in one place so when audit time comes around you will be ready.

Hear from our partners

Información que puedes confiar

MTech es la herramienta que nos permite conocer y controlar los datos técnicos y los resultados de campo, de manera amigable, ágil y confiable.

Zaidy Rodriguez Walmart Costa Rica

Transform the way you manage your farm

MTech's software has changed the way we run our business using data. Their expertise and software is a valuable asset to our company.

Rod Harder CFO - Granny's Poultry Cooperative Canada

Lead with innovation

MTech has done very well in moving their technology forward, to help us keep pace with our changing business environment and expanding business needs.

Steve Cox Director of IT - Wayne Farms LLC

From one farm to many

“It all started back in the 80's with a simple data point my father needed on a farm. Now we are using artificial intelligence to change farming forever.”
Marcel D. Cohen
CEO, MTech Systems

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