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8:30 AM

Welcoming message to the Users Conference

Pia Brantgärde - President of FoodTech at Munters


9:00 AM

Research and development and our vision

Marcel Cohen - MTech Systems CEO

In my presentation I plan to share our exciting roadmap as well as some cool recent research and development projects.


9:45 AM

Proline personalization's, projections and all the possibilities

Simon Cohen - VP of Sales and Marketing

Learn about the key solution that will shape the future of MTech and the industry


11:05 AM

Demystifying AI

Evan Sadlon - Data Science Manager

In this presentation I will simplify Artificial Intelligence I'm going to share several use cases as well as touch on where AI is headed in the future.


12:50 PM

How to efficiently use data, reports and analytics to transform your business organization

Host: Aaron Levy - Director of Analytics & Pro Services

A round-table discussion with you discussing the importance of how analytics and our technological advances have helped us make better business decisions, get faster insights, as well as share with you experiences of how technology has and will continue to transform other companies.

See bios of our round table guests


1:50 PM

How to use IoT to optimize the supply chain

Kelly Schulz - Sonar Mobile Product Manager

I'll share the new and exciting advances in Sonar with a full demonstration of all the fresh features and a take a peek at what the future will hold.


2:35 PM

Bridging the Gap

Matthew Hicks, Precision Farming Manager

As the new manager in precision farming I unpack the power behind connecting leading hardware and software.


3:40 PM

Excellence in management starts with full potential alarms

Drew Mogler - Manager of Business Development

Full potential flock monitoring equips poultry growers and integrators with the foundation of reliable connectivity and alarms that is essential for having full enterprise visibility and eliminating data silos. Drawing on case studies from growers across the poultry industry, I will illustrate the value of full potential monitoring for optimizing production and maximizing flock performance.


4:30 PM

What does it take to count your carbon?

Padmini Persaud - Environmental Science Engineer

This presentation is meant to begin a discussion about greenhouse gas emissions in the poultry industry and other environmental concerns.

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8:40 AM

Opening Message

Jim Johnston - Sales Director Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia


9:00 AM

Amino: The exception to the rule

John Kidd - Sales Director and Aaron Levy - Director of Analytics & Pro Services

Learn about the key solution that will shape the future of MTech and the industry (a deep dive into Amino and Axis).


9:45 AM

Data science detective work?

Evan Sadlon - Data Science Manager

This is a loose continuation of Demystifying AI. With the foundation laid, we can get into more advanced topics surrounding the three types of Machine Learning, feature importance/engineering, different types of models, and their pros/cons.


11:00 AM

Managing digital transformation (the cyclone)

Chris Lee - Director of Information Technology

I want to explore with you what type(s) of leadership will be required to manage fear, leverage technology, leverage remote workforces, and manage insane amounts of data all at a pace business has not traveled at before.


12:45 PM

Food for thought: Protein to Amino

Chris Blosfeld - VP of Operations Ercole Di Feliciantonio - Business Project Director

This is a discussion where our team will reveal how you should plan for transitioning from Protein to Amino.


2:45 PM

Panel: Cyber Security

Host: Simon Cohen - VP of Sales and Marketing

This will be an interactive discussion highlighting the important topic of Cyber Security. What are the best practices? What should be taken into consideration? And more.

See bios of our Cyber Security Panel


3:45 PM

Amino: live haul scheduling, deconstructing the black box

Marcel Cohen - President of MTech Systems and Chris Blosfeld - VP of Operations

In this presentation you will get a look inside of a new feature in Amino that solves the industry wide challange: live haul scheduling.

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9:00 AM

User feedback session with product development team

Chris Blosfeld - VP of Operations

Meet the product development team and chat with them one on one to get all your questions answered in this unique session.

See bios of our Product Development Team


9:45 AM

Leveraging the power of machine vision

Simon Cohen - VP of Sales and Marketing

In this presentation, I will unpack what machine vision is and how MTech is going to use it to transform the industry.

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IoT Experience

This is a hands-on adventure into IoT. See a real-world setup of hardware and software working together. Play inside the software to see all the possibilities with the data and more.  


UX Lab

The MTech User Experience Lab allows you to explore our solutions and we invite you to provide your opinions on how to improve the experience. Join our Innovators Insider Club to be the first to see our newest solution called Amino and partner with us to shape the tool that will change the future of farming.

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For over 30 years, Alithya’s experts have advised, guided and assisted clients in their pursuit of innovation and excellence and the achievement of their business objectives through the optimal use of digital technologies.

PDF downloads

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BarnTalk, a plug-n-play, smart barn monitoring solution including wireless sensors and an easy-to-use mobile app, displays real-time conditions and calls and alerts you when those conditions fall outside the norm. Unlike other products, BarnTalk delivers reliable barn connectivity, even in rural areas, while also providing real-time data and analytics, and requires no wiring or costly installation or maintenance.

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BinTrac Overview
BinTrac® by HerdStar®, is the market leader of feed bin weighing systems. They utilize load cell technology to deliver accurate, reliable and cost effective feed bin monitoring. Their patented A-frame bracket with load cell design, and robust electronic components provide ease of installation combined with precision weighing accuracy.

Mission Statement
To provide innovative technology and reliable, cost-effective products that help our customers maximize operational savings and management efficiencies and to always provide superior customer service.


YouTube Video Link

BinTrac Bracket Installation

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Aviagen Breeding Sustainability for today and tomorrow Aviagen® is a leading poultry breeding company with a mission to put #FoodOnEveryTable of families around the globe. We work hand-in-hand with our customers -- the world’s chicken meat producers -- to help supply sustainable, affordable, and nutritious protein to their growing communities.

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Zoetis is the world’s leading animal health company focused on the needs of those who raise and care for animals. We are passionate about our customers and the animals in their care. Zoetis discovers, develops and manufactures vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and other technologies for companion animals and livestock.

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Munters conducts operations in three business areas: AirTech, FoodTech and Data Center Technologies. FoodTech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative, energy-efficient climate systems for livestock farming and greenhouses, as well as software for controlling and optimizing the entire food production value chain. Our solutions increase productivity while contributing to sustainable food production, where strict requirements are placed on quality, animal health and food safety.

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Alpha Systems is a leading provider of solutions utilizing technology to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce costs. At Alpha Systems, our success is built on expansive industry knowledge, an experienced staff, and extensive resources.

Alpha Systems combines both advanced technologies with expert knowledge. Our technical and management team consists of highly skilled, certified professionals, with years of experience in data collection, barcoding, as well as business management.

Joe Panella

(804) 419-4296

Feature solutions

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OPTIfarm is a remote support and observation facility, using advanced software and data analytics manned by monitoring experts 24 hours a day. With the desire to understand data, what is happening on our farms, and why, we are now bringing insights and resources for advancement.

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