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I have worked in the poultry industry my entire career, in turkeys, ducks, parent stock and broilers. I have worked for many businesses and in several countries, Hungary, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria to name a few. I first got involved with MTech when I was the Parent Stock manager for Moy Park in 2017. Myself and a few others could see that the business needed a change. A root and branch review of what the business needed to future proof the ever changing requirements of the European poultry industry. In 2019 I was asked to lead the AgriSystems Team in Moy Park, where myself and a small team manage the MTech applications and provide business support on not just using the application but engaging with business users on processes, reporting and analysis. Earlier this year the team and I have now moved to Pilgrims Shared Services, where we plan to get involved with Pilgrims pork business later this year implementing Protein.

Danny Moy Park

I’ve been working at Herbruck’s for 10 years and my current role is Junior Analyst. 10 years ago I started in the coops and after some years and several lateral moves within departments, I was moved up to the office a few years back and eventually ended up in my current role. I’m responsible for some accounting tasks relating to our feed and bird inventories, producing valuable reporting for executive decision making, and forecasting/projecting.

Zack Herbrucks

Megan has been with Farbest approximately 2.5 years covering a broad area of needs within the organization. She and her team are responsible for everything from poult ordering to scheduling for processing and all cost accounting in between. Megan also aides their team with systemic MTech support, in addition to data and analytics, so it’s pertinent to be able to convey the data at all levels in the organization from their president to every employee within.

Megan Farbest
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