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Amino Swine Suite

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Maximizing Performance and Profitability in Swine Production
Track and analyze all events to optimize individual animal performance, use financial capabilities to get a true cost per weaned pig, batch farrowing, feed deliveries and more.
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Optimizing Performance and Cost Efficiency
Manage every transfer, sale, processing, receiving and associated costs from weaning through harvest and more.
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Axis Swine Breed for Weaning
Producers can see production leading indicators, use comparative graphs to gain deeper insight into fertility, and generate cohort Retention Rate trend graphs for effective herd structure management and more.
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Radius Swine
Radius S mobile data collection, handheld solution for the field to track data, herd events remotely capture sow productivity with a mobile device. No need to wait to reach a computer for data entry. Plus, Radius Swine will automatically sync your data as soon as it reaches Wi-Fi. RFID capability increases accuracy and speed of data entry.
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Production Flow Planning and Transport Scheduling
Plan movements within production flows (sow farms, piglets to nurseries and nurseries to finish and to the plant) See all sources, destinations and supply capacities and more. Automatically create transport schedules based on planning decisions and transport fleet characteristics

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