8:30 AM

Welcoming message to the Users Conference

Pia Brantgärde - President of FoodTech at Munters


9:00 AM

Research and development and our vision

Marcel Cohen - MTech Systems CEO

In my presentation I plan to share our exciting roadmap as well as some cool recent research and development projects.


9:45 AM

Proline personalization's, projections and all the possibilities

Simon Cohen - VP of Sales and Marketing

Learn about the key solution that will shape the future of MTech and the industry


11:05 AM

Demystifying AI

Evan Sadlon - Data Science Manager

In this presentation I will simplify Artificial Intelligence I'm going to share several use cases as well as touch on where AI is headed in the future.


12:50 PM

How to efficiently use data, reports and analytics to transform your business organization

Host: Aaron Levy - Director of Analytics & Pro Services

A round-table discussion with you discussing the importance of how analytics and our technological advances have helped us make better business decisions, get faster insights, as well as share with you experiences of how technology has and will continue to transform other companies.

See bios of our round table guests


1:50 PM

How to use IoT to optimize the supply chain

Kelly Schulz - Sonar Mobile Product Manager

I'll share the new and exciting advances in Sonar with a full demonstration of all the fresh features and a take a peek at what the future will hold.


2:35 PM

Bridging the Gap

Matthew Hicks, Precision Farming Manager

As the new manager in precision farming I unpack the power behind connecting leading hardware and software.


3:40 PM

Excellence in management starts with full potential alarms

Drew Mogler - Manager of Business Development

Full potential flock monitoring equips poultry growers and integrators with the foundation of reliable connectivity and alarms that is essential for having full enterprise visibility and eliminating data silos. Drawing on case studies from growers across the poultry industry, I will illustrate the value of full potential monitoring for optimizing production and maximizing flock performance.


4:30 PM

What does it take to count your carbon?

Padmini Persaud - Environmental Science Engineer

This presentation is meant to begin a discussion about greenhouse gas emissions in the poultry industry and other environmental concerns.

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