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Swine software that changes the game

Allowing you to manage your entire operation from sow farm management through harvest to obtain accurate cost analysis and full traceability

Downsize your tools upgrade your benefit

What’s the point of using 10 different tools when your data is disconnected?

Running your production this way provides little to no value when it comes to impactful and timely decision making.

Instead, utilize one system to handle all your inventory, operations, costing, planning, and business analytics needs.


Maximizing pig production potential

With MTech Systems Swine you can…

See your entire production on one dashboard or drill down to individual farm activities

Seamlessly integrate with your ERP and any of your current systems

Connect with IoT systems to automate data collection

Use the power of artificial intelligence to level up swine production

Have end to end traceability for biosecurity, antibiotic usage, health records, withdrawal times, and more

Utilize accounting and costing that calculates the wean piglet cost off the sow farm through the growout phase to final cost of pigs produced

Download our Android mobile application to allow for fast and efficient on-farm sow production data capture

Get industry-standard reports: including genetics, grow-finish, and field service reports which are powerful decision-making tools

Partnering with top pork producers around the globe

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Solutions tailored for every phase of swine production

  • Individual piglet tracking across all associated herds  
  • Individual Lifetime Sow performance across all associated herds  
  • On test and off test performance management for weights, feed consumption, muscle depth, and fat depth  
  • Export raw data to proprietary software to calculate Inbreeding coefficient, EPD’s and Indexes  
  • Import and report upon calculated genetic values  
  • Industry-standard sow herd production data management and reporting tool  
  • Ability to capitalize and depreciate your assets  
  • Health status and biosecurity tracking  
  • Partner with Electronic Sow Feeding systems to increase the accuracy of sow diets and individual sow feeding programs.  
  • Full traceability of source animals and input costs flowing to the overall cost of hogs produced  
  • Track ADG, FCR, and Mortality by Barn and Room  
  • Import harvest data from various packers including average weights, pricing, yield, backfat, and other carcass classifications allowing optimized marketing plans.  
  • Settlements of incentive programs for production partners  

Track ingredients to formulas, calculate feed costs, forecast consumption and delivery times, and improve nutrition and feed conversion. 

Optimize every day's production schedule to ensure the best execution of sales demand, efficiently utilize resources, identify bottlenecks, and achieve the most profitable development of finished products.  

Real-time supply chain management tool allowing users to manage their inventory and plan movements for every production phase and market demand in one screen. 

A transformation toolkit for pork producers

More innovative solutions on the way

Partnering with MTech Systems means you will always have an innovative team you can rely on. We stay on the cutting edge by utilizing the latest technologies and roll them out, right when the industry needs them. When you partner with MTech Systems, any solution you need to build is possible. The sky is the limit.

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