IOT based smart poultry farming

Resulting in precision flock management

Internet of Things devices like smartwatches are everywhere now helping us keep up with the important stuff. It's hard to imagine our lives without them, so we deliver this value and flexibility for farm management.

Now imagine having an IoT based smart poultry farm that can...

Giving you all the insight you need to make better decisions and improve your performance. That’s Sonar.  

Stop running from barn to barn

Save time

On average, bird checks take 30 minutes per house each day. With 5-6 houses this process could take over 180 mins a day. There is a better way to use your time.

Prioritize what's important

Those 30 minutes, in a house with no problems, can be better spent where attention is needed. Let the system alerts increase your efficiency by identifying where to put your time and energy.

Stay in the know

Sometimes you have to be away from the farm. Receiving notifications on your smartphone when something needs attention provides you the confidence that nothing will go unnoticed.

Discover the latest features and more:

Breaking through industry challenges with Artificial Intelligence

Measure Ammonia, CO2 levels, temperature, and any key factors that affect bird health. Our software monitors the houses at regular intervals and supplies the Animal Welfare audits you need to maintain certification.

Monitor feed consumption in real-time, improve feed scheduling, track feed delivery errors, obtain daily feed conversion, eliminate feed returns, and identify feed issues impacting bird weight gain.

Leverage machine learning to accurately predict weight gain per day, uniformity, and final harvest weights. No more surprises at the plant.

With a public API to our IoT Hub, certified controllers can supply the data to Sonar without the need to procure redundant devices. The software integrates with most industry leading controllers such as Rotem and more.

Sonar benefits the grower, service tech, feed mill, and processing plant

Allowing the right actions to be taken at the right time

Individual flock performance scoring

Grower benchmarking across the entire Growout

Comparative Analytics including production costs in each house


See what’s happening in every house simultaneously or drill down to individual house.

Role Based Information

Growers, Service Techs, and Managers all get the data formatted specifically to their requirements.

Flexible and Expandable

As new IoT sensors, such as vision systems, become available on the market, Sonar' s plug-n-play design facilitates revolutionary analysis.

Feedline fixed just in time

I set up alerts to monitor my water intake and noticed that one house was a little different one day and then came down here to figure out what was wrong, and I found my feeder out. I fixed it immediately.
Dwayne Grimes
Grimes Farm
Alerts for

Reduce risks with IoT Monitoring


Getting started with IoT smart monitoring is easier than you think

See what Sonar can do for your farm today.
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