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For 30 plus years we’ve heard story after story about how our solutions have transformed our customer's businesses. We’re excited to share a small fraction of these stories with you.

Success Stories

Powering Success from Breeders to Supply Chain Departments

After being an MTech Systems customer for over 20 years, at Bell & Evans, they recently updated their software to Amino. We talked with Chevele Crawford, Live Ops Business Support Manager to learn more about their experience with MTech Systems.

Using Technology to Find Profitable Opportunities in the Egg Market

Herbruck's has been an MTech Systems customer for 4 years. Recently we interviewed Zach Carter, Junior Analyst at Herbruck's about his experience with MTech Systems.

Early technology adoption places production company light years ahead

Avara Foods has been an MTech Systems customer for almost 20 years. This means they took advantage of precision farming technology before it was even a buzzword. Recently we interviewed Andrew Goodman, the Systems Manager for Avara about his experience with MTech Systems.

Invest your time where it matters most

"It eliminated a lot of my running, checking, not knowing, you know, it's being on the other side of the farm and saying, hey, all of a sudden, I ain't got the cooling cells on today, did I miss judge it? I look at the temperature and know that I'm where I need to be. So, it saves me, you know an hour interruption from one task to the other."

What our customers are saying

"I set up alerts to monitor my water intake and noticed that one house a little different one day and then came down here to figure out what was wrong and found my feeder out so I was able to fix it immediately. "
DWAYNE GRIMES - Grimes Farms
“MTech Systems Feed Management Tool is essential to the accurate and reliable recoding and management of our data. Providing flexible and comprehensive data capture and reporting, MTech Systems have been a great business to partner with for our information system requirements for many years.”
GAVIN BERRY - CFO,2 Agriculture, Ltd
“When we were presented with Amino it was pretty intriguing to think of all the ways the information would pull together, and that we would be able to get information into the system directly from the integrator. As well as, the fact that Amino would save us a lot of data entry, and help us to analyze that data more efficiently.”
JIM PIGEON - Green County Farms

United we stand

MTech Systems is on a quest to help our partners to increase yield in protein production, to better feed the growing world population, without compromising animal welfare or damaging the planet.

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