Transformational meat supply chain and planning optimization software

Proline is a supply chain planning software powered by Artificial Intelligence and Optimization to improve efficiency, yield and service level, while decreasing waste, and stock levels.

Increase up to


orders on time in full.

Smarter supply chain management

Proline increases profit margins and strengthens competitive positioning allowing the whole organization to have increased visibility/traceability to offer smarter decision-making.

Lower risk for errors and increase collaboration and efficiency

Planning in excel is high risk and does not compare to results produced by modern planning methods.


companies using Excel for planning claim to have sort of a collaborative process.

Proline is the champion of all planning systems

Supports informed and fast decision

Simplification of the annual Planning and/or Budgeting​

Increasing efficiency, revenue, customer service.

Early identification of Capability Gaps between the Operational, Strategy, and Market Opportunity

See into the future and plan proactively

Machine Learning analyzes 1,000’s of data points to create the best scenario possible (what-if scenarios)

We offer an integrated business planning model and full consultative implementation process

Strategic Planning
Long term (1-5 years)
S & OP
Mid term (1-5 or 1-12 months)
S & OE
Short term (Weeks-Day-Shift)

Eliminates and helps with...

Align your entire organization with a planning and production tool that increases profitability

Want to see how technology can help every department across the organization to accomplish more yield and profit?

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