Turning swine industry challenges into solutions

Whatever your goal, MTech Systems’ Pig Farm Management System can help.

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Shift end consumer perception

Consumers care about where their food comes from and make buying decisions based on proof that comes from data.

MTech Systems Swine provides:

Improve food safety with swine production software

24/7 full traceability allows for producers to uncover where improvement is needed.

With MTech Systems Swine you can…

Improve biosecurity

Biosecurity compliance made easy with customized service inspections in MTech Systems Swine

Access Mobily anytime, anywhere with…

Optimize pig health and welfare

Easily understand which health and welfare factors make a difference with MTech Systems Swine

Track all environment metrics like temperature, ventilation, c02, and more

Identify problems before they become an issue

Monitor Feed outages, feed deliveries and raw materials inventories

Log square footage per pig, capacity, facility type, feeder and water spaces

Fix labor constraints

When dealing with labor shortages and skills gaps.

MTech Systems Swine can help to…

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Reduce carbon footprint

Imagine all your tools and data from your entire operation coming together under one roof.

With MTech Systems Swine you can make changes that matter

Manage all components of a feeding system including diets, ingredients, growth curves

Discover average daily gains, feed efficiency and more to feed exactly what’s needed- no more no less

Compare growth rates to ventilation to optimize electricity and facility costs and lessen environmental impact

Cross analyze any metric based on any factor from season to genetics to facility type and more

Be prepared for market volatility

Use MTech Systems’ fully integrated costing models to see all performance inventory and costing data in one place


Optimize your feed program by seeing the ariel view of ingredients, raw materials, formulations and more


Determine where costs should be allocated and cut


Track purchase orders, vendors, product requisitions, labor and any cost needed to run your business


Stay ahead of the changing markets so nothing catches you by surprise


Get actual weaned pig costs and accurate budget projections to better plan for anything that comes your way

Growth and profit begin with MTech Systems Swine

Our software impacts every part of the swine supply chain and every department, vendor, and partner within your entire operation.

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