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We’ve perfected our farm management software by collaborating with key players in the industry.

Our tailored solutions

Are dedicated solely to solve the protein industry's unique challenges

Set the pace in the industry and pave the way for future advancement

Help producers keep up with demand and achieve max flock performance

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“MTech Systems has done very well in moving their technology forward, to help us keep pace with our changing business environment and expanding business needs.”

Steve Cox
Director of IT, Wayne Farms LLC

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Achieve results that matter faster

Let’s face it data entry is time consuming.

More data = More time to analyze

Our easy to use solutions can help you accomplish this and much more.

Altering one variable can result in greater flock performance. But...

MTech Systems’ partners love...

Visibility of actual cost of production
Integrity of automated grower payments
Flexibility to fully integrate with external systems
Efficiency of an all in one solution
Simplicity of dashboards and visual cues to quickly find needle moving insights
Consistency of reports and benchmarks designed by the industry
Mobility that allows for real-time capture even when offline
Scalability to grow the solution as the business does

Our solutions create opportunities for producers to:

Get back valuable time and save money with MTech farm production software

Reap the benefits of cutting-edge technologies today

Curious about where to start?

We use our proven approach to help poultry producers accomplish their business goals. Even if your farm is not currently using the latest technologies, we will assist you with prioritizing the necessary steps to get started.

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