The five things you should look for in a supply chain planning software

From time to time, companies must reinvent themselves and their processes to ensure their sustainability in an ever-changing market. The meat industry has gone through several paradigm shifts in recent decades. For example, when we talk about farming, new technology has allowed speeding the animal raising cycle and reducing costs. Thanks to automation and artificial […]

The faces behind the industry’s top swine management system

One of MTech’s strengths in developing our solutions traces back to the people who create and shape the software. In this post, you will hear thoughts from our Pork Director, Angie Bowman as well as meet the rest of the growing swine team. Our team carries a lot of expertise and is excited to serve […]

Improving poultry food safety with better data management

Written by Sarah Haberecht President of the Worlds Poultry Science Association – Victorian branch. Read full bio. “Digital transformation in food manufacturing and supply chain enables better utilization of data for more dynamic risk management, automated adjustment for deviations, real-time transparency of food safety and quality control parameters, product release, defect rate reduction, and trend analysis.” […]

MTech and Agentis Innovations to partner to Digitalize the Asian Meat Supply Chain

Kearney states that Artificial Intelligence can have a strong overall impact: a 10 to 18 percent GDP uplift across Southeast Asia by 2030, equivalent to nearly $1 trillion. Areas that will have the biggest impact from AI are sales and marketing and supply chain management.   MTech Systems, a global full supply-chain management software, and Agentis […]

How easy is it to implement SaaS Poultry Software?

Due to its direct business benefits, SaaS poultry software has been growing in popularity across the globe. To get more out of their data, many producers are transitioning their business to cloud-based poultry platforms. We’ve been successfully implementing production companies for over 30 years. One question we always hear is how much effort will it take from […]

Meet the Makers of Amino

Amino is a cloud-based analytics solution for poultry producers of any size that goes beyond data management. Recently, I got a chance to go behind the scenes and chat with the makers of Amino. In this post, I will share what I learned with you and introduce you to some of the top innovators in […]

How agricultural traceability benefits welfare and improves production efficiency

Written by Sarah Haberecht President of the Worlds Poultry Science Association – Victorian branch. Read full bio. As the global population grows, pressure is growing within the animal production food chain for transparency, particularly in animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and public health. As we move forward, the poultry and swine industries must provide more documentation to […]

Sustainable poultry production: How can technology help?

Companies throughout the poultry value chain are looking for ways to do their part to increase sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. Technology has played a big role over the years in helping producers increase efficiency to keep up with the growing population, now technology will be a part of helping producers improve sustainability. In […]

Increasing poultry and swine production data cybersecurity with SOC 2 certification

Smart agriculture and cybersecurity are both large and rapidly growing markets individually. As of 2019, the global smart agriculture market was valued at $10.3 billion, with a CAGR of 14.1%. The global cybersecurity market is even larger, at $145 billion, with a CAGR of 10%.  In the meat market, technology has become necessary to help […]