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For 30 plus years, we’ve helped producers to accomplish their management and production goals using the latest technologies.

We’ve worked alongside our partners and wrapped all our learnings into our solutions to make the best products the industry has to offer.

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The Smart Farming Road Map to Implementing Precision Farming

Our solutions are designed to unite the entire supply chain and help producers to reach their targets.

Our team will listen to your challenges and point you to the solutions that can help you start your journey.

After getting started with our foundational platform, we provide flexibility to our partners by tailoring our offerings to their needs as their business goals change.

Click on each level below to learn more about our solutions and how they can help.

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Reduce risks with IOT Monitoring

Stop running from barn to barn, save time, prioritize what’s important, stay in the know, and make better decisions faster.

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Full traceability

Access all data in once place to easily understand what drives better flock performance.

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Production planning powered by AI

The industry’s only meat specific planning solution.

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Transform data into insight faster

Discover patterns and meaning in your data with Axis.


If not now… when?

For many today, precision farming may seem like a luxury. But as consumer demands for traceability and sustainability continue to increase, getting access to every data point generated in your poultry barns is going to be the difference for successful, growth-oriented farms.

So… it is not a question of “if” you should start, but will you be a leader in the evolution, or will you be looking to catch up to others?

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The food and agriculture organization of the United States expects the global poultry meat consumption to achieve a level of 133 million tons by the year 2024. If don't rely on innovation, we will fail to deliver on this demand.

Get ahead of the game by taking the first step towards smart farming today.

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