How my father's vision changed the industry forever

Our mission

Together we can

To lead a food revolution by supplying producers with the latest technology to help them improve animal welfare, increase yield and profit while sustainably feeding the growing world population.

MTech Systems aims to create poultry and swine management software that delivers real-time data to the entire supply chain that allows producers to get better insight into what is happening on their farms and what they can do to responsibly improve production.

At our core, we live these values

We care about the environment

We value our people

We are resilient and agile

We value leadership excellence

We are innovative

Together with our partners for 30+ years…

We’ve created the best management software.

We've helped producers tackle all challenges.

We’ve paved the way for advancement in the industry.

Innovation is the only way forward...

Started Digitalization
The industry challenge

Data was captured on ledger paper.

MTech Systems' Solution

Multi-location Data Bases.


Reduced errors making analyzation easier.

First integrated solution
The industry challenge

Hard to analyze centralized data by location and performance.

MTech Systems' Solution

A dial up enabled integrated system that allowed for data replication.


Increased supply chain visibility improving production management.

Accurate performance predictions
The industry challenge

Needed strategic operational & production planning: grower settlements.

MTech Systems' Solution

Upgraded system added: automatic grower compensation and integrated planning modules.


Centralized production metrics allowed for better supply chain optimization insights.

Address issues faster
The industry challenge

Capture animal management data accurately in real-time.

MTech Systems' Solution

Created hand-held data capture devices to help with real-time analysis.


Streamlined data collection processes led to proactive vs. reactive decisions.

Integrated live operations data
The industry challenge

Wanted to manage supply/demand and sales info in one central repository.

MTech Systems' Solution

Added sales and purchase order as well as unit volume supply chain planning functionalities.


Connected procurement and sales data made way for better traceability of live operations data.

Clearer cost visibility
The industry challenge

Standard costing methods hid operational inefficiencies.

MTech Systems' Solution

Integrated accounting capability with multiple period end closing options.


Centralized performance to true cost and revenue alignment improves impact producing decision making.

Machine learning & IOT
The industry challenge

Increasing demand pushes for faster production creating growing concern for animal welfare.

MTech Systems' Solution

Created prescriptive forecasting algorithms and IOT connected sensors to monitor welfare.


Machine learning IOT pave the way for insight we never had access to before that will allow us to do things, we never thought possible.

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No matter what challenges may come, we can conquer them together.

We invite you to join us in an innovation revolution that will continue to shape the future of farming and production.

What we've been able to achieve

Lower FCR

Increased Production Yield

Greater Hatchability

Lower Condemnation & Mortality

Improved Animal Welfare and Farm Sustainability

Let’s see what we can accomplish together

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