Business intelligence and data analytics tools for producers

The industry's only comprehensive dashboard solution ready out-of-the-box

Axis helps producers uncover potential risks as well as revenue and cost-saving opportunities by revealing the biggest influences behind every outcome. Focus your efforts on what matters most.

Industry specific dashboards, analytics and reports across the supply-chain


Analyze visual report dimensions such as breed, geography, nutrition, and management.


Examine reports focusing on egg movements from receiving, through incubation, and all the way to hatching of day olds.


Gain insight through dashboard reports focused on growing the animals and delivering a perfect product to processing.

Feed Mill

Optimize nutrition using reports focused on ingredients and finished feed, ensuring efficient use of raw materials and tracking performance into the barns.

Why use business intelligence

“90 percent of the digital data ever created in the world has been generated in just the past two years, only 1 percent of that data has been analyzed”
The Problem

Data collection is rapidly increasing, and many companies do not have the resources to handle it.

Utilize the power of AI to sift through the data, to pullout the necessary insights, to tell you the right story helping you make smarter decisions.

Leverage the development of a fully featured analytics package specific to your business from the global leader in poultry solutions.

Discover the latest features and more:

Discover patterns and meaning in your data with Axis

Access to quality data anytime, anywhere

Analyze big volumes of data quickly

Save time by eliminating the data transformation process

Allows all users to easily access the data- no technical background needed
Uncover the right questions to ask that reveals the info to get the answers you are looking for
Use insights to make decisions that transform your business faster

Transform data into insight faster

“Some of our partners have told me that what I showed them in 30-minutes would take them 7-hours or more to put together.”
- Aaron Levy, Business Analytics Director MTech Systems

Features that bring data to life for business value

Built on 30 years of developing poultry analysis, Axis provides industry-designed dashboards and reports to bring your data to life.

Compare actual vs. budget analysis
Drill down to see key data using power pivot tables
Compare data points by region, arm, machine, and more
Easily identify anomalies that could turn into significant business issues
See multiple years of data presented visually in one versatile chart
Identify trend variations by week, month or year, from high-level to granular insights

Analyze massive amounts of data to gain

Faster insight
Faster analysis
Faster decisions

Why wait to get a more realistic perception of your business?

Ready to use insights to grow revenue, protect margins, and improve profitability?

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