Poultry farm management software

for every sized producer from grower to integrator

An easy to use cloud-based poultry farm management app that covers all performance, costing, and planning needs.

Access all your data in one place to easily understand what drives better flock performance.

What is Amino?

Amino is

Amino is not

Getting Amino up and running is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Identify your goals and needed functionality. 
Connect with our deployment team for quick training.
Advance the solution at your own pace.

Amino is a poultry software designed to...

Provide every contributor in the food production chain a powerful and simple solution.

Amino provides us the flexibility to tailor our solutions to help every producer no matter the business size or goals.

"MTech Systems has been offering enterprise level software to large poultry integrators for over 30 years. We created Amino because we wanted to offer the same benefits to every poultry business no matter the size from integrators to growers. Not to mention, that we gave Amino a lot of Intelligence to help farmers with Animal Welfare and the environment."
Simon Cohen
VP, MTech Systems
Excel falls short with…

Excel can’t handle the job anymore

As demand increases so does the amount of data we need to collect.

Producers need access to all their data in one place to help tell the whole story of what’s happening on their farms.

Discover the latest features and more:

Easy to use, Even easier to get powerful results

“Amino has the power of an ERP behind the scenes, but for the user, it’s just as simple as keying data in an excel spreadsheet.”
Carlos Micheluzzi
Product Developer & Owner of Amino

Creating new opportunities for every part of the supply chain

With Amino…


Track eggs by house, calculate cost per hen, forecast future production, and improve profitability.


Track weight gain and FCR by house, calculate cost per pound, forecast harvest weights and uniformity, and improve strike rate to processing.

Track ingredients to formulas, calculate feed costs, forecast consumption and delivery times, and improve nutrition and feed conversion.

Trace eggs from each source, calculate chick cost, forecast hatchability, and improve chick quality.


Optimize every day's production schedule to ensure the best execution of sales demand, efficiently utilize resources, identify bottlenecks, and achieve the most profitable development of finished products.

All working together to improve yield, ensure animal welfare and develop a sustainable business.

Every Amino user can

Utilize dashboards and Business intelligence reports

Combine and connect data across the supply chain

Extend functionality with custom field and reporting

Track cost and performance together

Collect offline field data and synchronize with central system

Get started with Amino

Download this PDF to learn how amino can help you avoid the fatal business risks that are common among spreadsheet users.

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