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Why connect BarnTalk and MTech Systems Sonar?

In a nutshell...

The BarnTalk wireless alarm platform provides real-time visibility of environmental conditions at your site and sends alerts when on-site attention is required. With a suite of wireless sensors and built-in connectivity, it's truly a "plug-n-play" solution that's affordable enough to deploy across your entire operation.

MTech Systems’ Sonar receives the data and harnesses it to bring out easy to understand insights that once applied will help improve performance and directly impact profit across the supply chain.

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How Does it Work?


Connect and Collect

Real-time enviromental data is captured with wireless BarnTalk sensors.


Wirelessly Transmit

Data from the sensors is gathered by the BarnTalk Gateway.


Harness Data

Data is sent to the cloud, and on Sonar's data management platform.


Analyze and Act

Utilizing powerful Business Analytics, Sonar provides insights to optimize production and profit.


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