Copacol, one step ahead in the digitalization process

This month the Brazilian cooperative, Copacol, started their plans to modernize their information management for broilers, swine, and fish production.

Copacol will be deploying this strategic plan to integrate Amino, from MTech Systems, in their operations. With this, great benefits have been projected for both, short and long term, thanks to the powerful cloud-based set of tools for information management.

During the kick-off meeting, directors and managers agreed that collaboration and teamwork will be key for the project success. Eagerly, they also discussed the potential of this new partnership between Copacol and MTech Systems to explore opportunities with technolgies like IoT and Machine Learning, and also, modernizing more farms.

With over 60 years of history, Copacol produces 200 million of birds and 356,000 pigs per year. Copacol it’s also the biggest tilapia processor in South America with 42.5 million of fishes per year.

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