How easy is it to implement SaaS Poultry Software?

Due to its direct business benefits, SaaS poultry software has been growing in popularity across the globe. To get more out of their data, many producers are transitioning their business to cloud-based poultry platforms. We’ve been successfully implementing production companies for over 30 years. One question we always hear is how much effort will it take from our company to get the software fully implemented. When referring to SaaS software, it’s a lot less effort than you think to get started. The process is much shorter and more simplified than a traditional software project.  

“After purchasing the software, the new customer can be up and running with our Amino SaaS poultry software in as little as three weeks.” Ercole Di Feliciantonio

What are the phases of a poultry SaaS project? 

  1. Pre-implementation: First we have a kick off-meeting to discuss your requirements that will help us determine the specific needs of the project. In this meeting, we go over project expectations and get to know your business’s unique processes as well as consultation needs. Then we will come to an agreement and begin the project. The exact project timeline is dependent on the requirements of each project.  
  1. Data test: Next, we ask for a sample of your data, so we upload it to the system to start testing. We can also use simulate the data if you don’t have good sample data. Once we determine the test is successful, we will ask you to key in or upload all your data to the system. This process should not be time-consuming due to the fact that our system eliminates double entry-once the data is input one time-you won’t have to enter it on multiple screens.  
  1. Training: As soon as possible after the project starts, we set customize a training journey for you and your team that should only take engaged users less than a week to go through.  
  1. Go live & support: Lastly, after your team has entered your data and training is completed it’s time to give live. The system is setup with guided wizards and help articles as well as we offer live support with a dedicated representative.  

Important considerations for starting a new poultry SaaS project 

Every project has its obstacles so it’s good to plan ahead. Below are some of the recommendations we make to new clients. The best part about partnering with a technology company is when roadblocks come up, you are not alone, we will be there to give you pointers to ensure the project can stay on track.  

Have a good change management strategy: Anytime anything new is introduced there’s going to be some resistance to change. A solid adoption plan helps with this. There should be continual communication about the solutions the product will bring as well as a solid training schedule should be put in place.  

Push accountability: Have a strict timeline and tasks and assign them to responsible parties. Be sure to check in frequently to ensure deadlines are met and if there are any challenges that could delay your launch. We will note that planning is minimal for SaaS projects compared to large on-premises projects.  

Check for clean data: The main tasks for SaaS projects are to just make sure the data is entered correctly into the system as well as that training is completed by users in a timely manner. It’s very important to look at your data once it is in the system for accuracy. This data and future data will be used to help you make key business decisions so clean data is key.  

Taking the next step 

If you’re still on the fence about moving forward in purchasing a poultry software, our best advice is to demo one. Then you’ll be able to see the added benefits it could bring to your business. In addition, download our pdf to learn how Amino (MTech Systems’ SaaS poultry software) can help you avoid the fatal business risks that are common among spreadsheet users. 

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