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MTech Systems and 2 Agriculture are partners in digitalizing their feed mill operations. They have been a client of ours for 15 plus years. 2 Agriculture uses MTech Systems’ Feed Mill Manager Solution. This solution was designed to help feed mill operators streamline their data; connecting costs to every step in the feed production line from ingredient receiving to finished feed. Digitizing the mill helps feed producers to improve traceability, save time, and see where costs can be optimized. MTech Systems’ system allows every department in the mill to be connected instead of working in data silos or in multiple spreadsheets. MTech Systems integrates with batching systems, ERP’s and more; allowing all information to be viewed in one centralized location. MTech Systems offers its services in easy-to-add-on modules that make scaling simple. The true power with MTech Systems comes when combining multiple modules that allow you to see not just what’s happening at the feed mill but what’s happening on the farms. Then feed mill operators can relate that data back with feed performance to gain powerful management information and insights, improving decision making. MTech Systems is proud to partner with 2 Agriculture and other feed producers from around the world to help drive efficiencies and leverage modern-day technologies.   

“MTech Systems Feed Management Tool is essential to the accurate and reliable recording and management of our data. Providing flexible and comprehensive data capture and reporting, MTech Systems have been a great business to partner with for our information system requirements for many years.” GAVIN BERRYCFO, 2Agriculture, Ltd.

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