MTech Systems and Agentis Innovations to partner to Digitalize the Asian Meat Supply Chain

Kearney states that Artificial Intelligence can have a strong overall impact: a 10 to 18 percent GDP uplift across Southeast Asia by 2030, equivalent to nearly $1 trillion. Areas that will have the biggest impact from AI are sales and marketing and supply chain management.  

MTech Systems, a global full supply-chain management software, and Agentis Innovations, an Asian- based automation and systems integration company, are joining forces to bring Artificial Intelligence and digitalization to Asia. These two companies have realized the potential that data-driven technology can have on the entire value chain.  

Producers throughout the supply chain and the world are using these technologies to have a direct impact on lowering their carbon footprint, increasing yield, and even improving animal welfare.  And as Artificial Intelligence becomes more readily adopted and Machine Learning is more utilized, it will become a key player in helping to future proof the Asian meat supply chain. 

Machine Learning that runs in the background of the software makes sure to take thousands of data points and pulls out patterns for the future that help make forecasting more accurate than ever. When trends are spotted and auto-applied to plans, it helps producers and processors to not only become more accurate, but also saves them time.  

MTech Systems has a software called Amino that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help producers get more out of their data from input to planning.  

“The concept of Amino was born out of a desire to help small to medium producers capture the same level of control and insight through their data that the largest integrators worldwide have enjoyed for years. We realized early in the process that Amino has so much more to offer the entire food production industry. The simplicity and elegant way in which it incorporates innovations like Machine Learning is a game-changer for accurately predicting performance, improving efficiency, measuring carbon footprint, and achieving a more sustainable way of producing food for the growing world population.” Said Marcel Cohen, President of MTech Systems 

We’re honored to partner with Agentis Innovations, a leader in South and Southeast Asian innovative technology for feed producers, to help us bring this new technology to the market. Agentis Innovations will leverage relationships that they have with the biggest players they have throughout Asia to help push the solution and revolutionize the supply chain.  

“Over a decade ago, Agentis Innovations envisioned the role that automation, digitalization, and big data will play in the animal protein industry and has made it its vision to be at the forefront of this development. Since then, Agentis Innovations has been proactively advocating the benefits of adopting ‘Industry 4.0’ and in multiple occasions has partnered with feed millers around the Asian region to help them leverage all the speed, agility, and efficiencies that modern automation and process controls have to offer. As we move forward, Agentis Innovation is once again seeing a new trend arising that this time will likely leapfrog our industry to an even higher level of system integration. We now see that there will be a drive for connecting all the currently separate systems that manage each phase of manufacturing and each phase of the supply chain into one digital platform that captures and analyses all the data generated. When this level of integration is achieved, there will be new efficiencies that can be introduced both on the shop floor and in the back office, leading to even higher levels of productivity and quality. This is what makes this collaboration with MTech so exciting, for us and for the industry as a whole.” Said Yiannis Christodoulou, President of Agentis Innovations. 

About MTech Systems

MTech Systems, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia US, is the world leader in software systems providing insight and intelligence to every aspect of poultry and swine production management. MTech Systems’ applications can be found running swine and poultry businesses on six continents in over twenty countries, equipping the customers with the power to utilize comprehensive data in a proactive approach. Through the software, each segment of production is analyzed to maximize profitability. 

About Agentis Innovations 

Agentis Innovations is a specialist in software and hardware that automates feed mills and feed plant facilities. The core of what Agentis Innovations provides is plant and machinery optimizations, process controls and data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. The company has a strong footprint in South and Southeast Asia and a presence in the global agricultural industry which includes Animal Feed, Aqua Feed, Pet Food, and Premix facilities. For over a decade now, the company has been and remains to be a strong advocate of Industry 4.0 technology and the digitalization of the animal and aquatic industry as a whole. 

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