Investigate Rather Than Calculate:

Have the numbers work for You… And not the other way around In today’s data-driven world, businesses often rely on traditional calculation methods to analyze data and make decisions. However, these methods have limitations and may not always provide the insights needed to drive success. By leveraging technology and adopting an investigative mindset, businesses can […]

Unlock a Proactive Approach to Farm Management with Amino

Discover a new proactive approach to farm management with amino

The Science of Food Production Starts with Data and Ends with How You Use It. The poultry supply chain is a complex network of interconnected processes, from breeding and hatching to processing and distribution. Efficient management of the entire supply chain is critical for ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. As the […]

Using data to decide on your next business investment

Planning and purchasing decisions are the hardest ones to make in live animal production. In this article, we will talk about decisions in purchasing and how we can and should use data to render the decision-making process more quantifiable. What kind of decisions can be data-driven and how do we find or decide which data is […]

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