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The Smartest Way to Manage Feed Mills.. And More!

Control the entire supply chain on one platform with customizable modules that scale with your needs.

30+ years of poultry experience
Worldwide presence & support
Securely cloud-based

How Amino Makes Your Life Easier…

Simplicity at its Finest

Simple to integrate. Simple to understand. Simple to master.

Complete Control & Oversight

Access your organization’s physical and financial data and gain complete control over your production while minimizing costly data-entry errors.

Automate costing and period-end statistics seamlessly and integrate multiple ERP applications throughout your supply chain.

Insightful Proactiveness

Deep dive into all key performance indicators and leverage BI & ML algorithms to ensure that all management is informed and makes the right business decisions at the right moment.

…And How It Serves you

Machine Learning

The ML Core module can detect and cater to trends and micro changes not visible to human analytics. Improve the projections of eggs, live birds, and desired weight by leveraging its benefits.

Analytics and Forecasting

Generate reports and customize dashboards on various aspects of the supply chain like inventory levels, fulfillment rates, capacity variances, and more.

Mobile Accessibility

Enjoy full access even when you’re not fully accessible. Our mobile application allows you to capture and analyze data remotely by giving you full access to your dashboards and workflows.

Full-Scale Traceability

Full Traceability is our flock origin disclosure standard, allowing you to split out every component in production, identify every process in creating it and locate each facility at which a process occurs.

Strictest Cyber Security Standards

We understand the elevated cyber risks in all supply chain-related industries and hold ourselves to the highest possible cybersecurity standards to secure our customers’ data

The One Core Platform for Type-A Producers

Running Successful Feed Mills Operations with Amino: A Comprehensive Guide to the Future of Production

The Curriculum:

  • Creating loads and production plan for the week with one click
  • Planning and receiving ingredients for a week
  • Creating all daily inventory transactions from a single screen
  • Using the wizard to create pre-mix and processed ingredients
  • Calculating actual feed costs and updating your farms to actual using global post
  • Smart Procurement :

    A.) Creating purchase orders for ingredients using the wizard

    B.) Creating contracts from purchase orders

    C.) Creating receipts with assays

    D.) Creating purchase orders and receipts with freight
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