Heads up Amino Processing is now Proline

The only meat production planning and traceability software you’ll ever need.

Proline is a meat production planning software powered by Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency and yield while decreasing waste.

Supply. Demand. Capacity. Profit.

Use Proline to improve your poultry supply chain visibility from live birds to finished product to increase yield.

Let Reinforcement Learning find the balance for you.

Discover the latest features and more:

Proline will help you to...

Make informed, effective decisions and fine tune your operations in real-time

Plan, forecast, and predict your meat production yield in minutes

Decrease man-hours spent on administrative tasks and reduce human error

Improve profitability on every finished good produced

Ensure stock is maintained at optimum levels

Auto adjust your production in the middle of a day to handle late orders, machine issues and other unforeseen challenges

The industry's only meat specific planning solution

Plan to perfection using Artificial Intelligence

Simple web-based user interface

No complicated spreadsheets that keep you from mastering the daily planning efforts

Plant Virtualization

Enables resource optimization by visually identifying all the bottlenecks in your plan

Complete integration to live bird scheduling

Production plans are more accurate as they leverage our actual live bird and carcass distribution models

Material usage estimation

Optimization of bill of materials, stock, and reduction of order lead time

Customer satisfaction

No more late notifications that orders will be missed. Know well in advance and inform your customers early

Profitable and viable production mix

Plans are optimized to focus on profitability while reducing waste or unassigned production

in action
If I added __ number of staff resources to my line how would it effect production?
If my sales increase by 10% of the next year will we be able produce enough product?
If orders arrive late in the day how do I fulfill them?
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Exceed expectations with the meat industry's only specifically developed solution


Integrate directly with ERP for customers, orders and product definitions to avoid duplicate effort.

Automatically update the shop-floor stations with their production orders to ensure execution of the plan.

Electronically access product registration and inventory to see plan versus actual in real-time.

Link production demand back into live planning to achieve better utilization of your live birds.

See what Proline can do for your business

Download this PDF to learn the essential steps to increase yield using artificial intelligence.

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