Large German Turkey Multiplier Seeks Growth Through Digitalization

Meet Sebastian, Head of controlling

About Kartzfehn

Kartzfehn sells eggs and pullets all over Europe and is one of the biggest turkey multipliers in Germany and Europe. The company operates 3 hatcheries and two headquarters and produces about 36 million eggs  over 50 different farms.  

Amino project snapshot

The MTech Systems team will implement Amino breeder hatchery and supply chain planning. It’s exciting as this will be the first-ever Amino implementation in Germany.

This project will focus on digitizing the company’s business processes and the supply chain. In this process Kartzfehn will transition paper documents to electronic as well as streamline all data to standardize reporting and smooth out planning practices.

Some of the expected benefits from this project will be to get rid of island solutions where every department like the hatchery or parent stock production had their own silos- each with their own Excel files. After implementation, the entire company will use Amino to have one single database that they can rely on.

Faster implementation...

“Yeah, it makes project management much, much easier for me and for the whole team. Because we don’t have to schedule, maybe one week for you traveling here. And we don’t have to skip all the daily business. But we can just jump on maybe a zoom call for an hour and do some training to make some progress on the project. So that’s really fine for us.” 

With the decision to digitalize your production it is important to have the right software partner...

“Yeah, I think we’ve done a lot of preparation before, and we believe with MTech Systems & Amino we have the right partner on our side.” 

Getting started with Amino is easier than you think

See what Amino can do for your farm today or download this PDF to learn how Amino can help you avoid the fatal business risks that are common among spreadsheet users.

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