Profiting from predictive data

Free PDF from Lead Data Scientist Evan Sadlon

There is no question that poultry companies benefit from utilizing big data. Those who collect data that sits and do nothing with it are sitting on a goldmine of unrealized potential profit.

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According to scholars at Tufts University, smarter farming practices could generate $2.3 trillion in cost savings and business opportunities annually —and $250 billion of those yearly savings could come from AI and data analytics alone.

Data science’s potential to increase profit is massive for the poultry industry

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Evan Sadlon

Lead Data Scientist at MTech Systems

You may already know Evan from past presentations, including the Virtual Poultry Summit and he has worked along side with some of the largest poultry integrators in the world.

In his latest PDF, he explains some examples of how data science is being used as well as the insights he’s found that can bring impact to a business’s bottom line.

Dive deeper into how data science is transforming the poultry industry?

Download this free pdf: Ways to turn your data into profit with data science, IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Improve poultry feeding program performance by finding winning combinations

Data science use case #3
Figure 3 Feed program performance comparison, Ways to Turn Your Data Into Profit, E.Sadlon (2020)

In this scenario, finisher feed is compared with starter feed to see which one impacted bird weight the most (different colors represent bird weight) (side number represents lbs of feed). So, this is telling you that if the birds ate one pound of starter and four pounds of finisher, they weighed the most compared to birds that eat 1.2 pounds of starter. And by looking at this chart, you know after four pounds of finisher, they weighed a little bit less... 

Evan's latest presentation: Lowering condemnation with Data Science

Evan will walk you through an exciting way that a data science model called feature importance helped one company uncover and solve a condemnation issue.

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