Live from IPPE 2022

[00:20] Okay, welcome to another episode of The AGcelerate Show. Today we’re speaking live at IPP’Es final day of the poultry exhibition here in Atlanta in the US. It’s been a fun week, and I’ve got a couple of guests to talk about it and share their experiences. We’ve got Nathan this alum who’s a sales guy on the team here based in Atlanta, and we’ve got Padmini Persuad, who is our new or fairly recent environmental engineer heading up sustainability. So I’ll come back to you later. But, but first, Nate, what’s your experiences this week of the show? How’s it gone for you? It’s gone very well. I was very impressed with the amount of people that are here even with COVID going around. I didn’t think we’d have this much foot traffic. So it was very nice to see the quality of people and the amount of people and then to see some familiar faces and talking to them. 

[01:22] I mean, it sure is great to get back speaking to people face to face and that’s what I’ve enjoyed this week.  

[01:28] To see lots of people some people we haven’t seen for a couple of years, and that’s been really good. So you’ve been busy. Any particular highlights this week So some of the highlights again was seeing some of the  the key players in the industry it was nice to see those but here at MTech are trying to make a push for the labor market. So we had actually a lot of foot traffic with layers, so it’s nice to actually get to hear their side of the story and what we can do at MTech to help them out to get to their future vision to help them make those business decisions. So, it’s very nice to see. So I mean, that’s cool because we’ve also been pushing Amino businesses we couldn’t we which is a new version, latest version of MTech’s software, really nice tool to work with user friendly and in the layer say does that the product that you’re going to market is one of the products we’re definitely trying to push again the usability, the actual visuals, visuals and dashboards that they’re able to see to help make those business decisions and, and to be more proactive in terms of finding problems and what’s going right what’s going wrong. So it’s just an easy way for them to navigate through that entire system. And it’s just, again, It’s very beneficial to see that hey, well I can benefit from using this system. I can see my eight forecasting whatever I see all my my feed deliveries, just whatever it goes into my egg production now. Having them see that and breaking that has been excellent. Well, that’s a big opportunity for MTech, because that’s a global thing, although you’re focused here in the in North America at the moment but great, thanks for that. Thank you. Thank you.  

[03:04] Padmini let’s talk about it’s been a very exciting week for you. I guess. We went to your you were talking at a TECHTalk here. How did that go? I did a Tech Talk on Monday about technology and sustainability. I think it went really well. It was very well attended. And I had a lot of questions come back afterwards. I think even Nathan took a few for me at some point.  

[03:29] That’s really cool. So that’s about sustainability, and you’re really heading up our whole sustainability initiatives. Yeah. And it’s a very exciting area that isn’t it because it’s kind of new to MTech and new to a lot of our customer base. So it’s been quite good to share with them. So either the tech talk that was well attended, as you say, sorry, I missed it by the way.  

[03:53] But then I caught up with you. We both talked on Wednesday morning at a breakfast we hosted for MTech clients and interesting people so we had a really nice room full of people Wednesday morning. Talk to me about that. It was really nice to see that so many people are interested in sustainability and what we can do for them in pushing their sustainability initiatives. We did basically a launch of our greenhouse gas calculator, which I thought was very well, you know, I have a couple people that want to work with us and develop it further. So I’m really excited about it. Well, yeah, that’s fantastic, was it we got a lot of inquiries afterwards and I know that you are looking for companies to volunteer if you like to work and pilot this with you and you’ve got three now 

[04:45] We’ve had a good week. I’ve had a great week. It’s been it’s this was my first ippe and it was very adventurous. No, it’s been good fun. It’s always fun.

[04:59] It’ was good talk to you get to be here and meet you for the first time I know in person instead of on teams or zoom or whatever. So if anybody out there is wondering where my cohost is today, Nikolay he’s he stuck back in the UK, so he didn’t manage to travel to IPPE. So hi Nick if you’re watching I’ll catch you soon enough. To everybody out there.  

[05:26] Come see us come have a look at this and you can find all our podcasts and AGcelerate episodes through the website and youtube. Coming to us in the MTech website and And see you next time.  

[05:46] Bye now. 

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