Inside food and drink and future proofing poultry feed operations

MTech and 2 Agriculture are partners in digitalizing their feed mill operations. They have been a client of ours for 15 plus years. 2 Agriculture uses MTech’s Feed Mill Manager Solution. This solution was designed to help feed mill operators streamline their data; connecting costs to every step in the feed production line from ingredient […]

GAP expands digital footprint in Russian poultry supply chain with MTech

GAP Resource and MTech Systems recently formed a partnership on a new pilot project in Inzhavino, Tambov region. GAP is using MTech software to optimize the entire Russian poultry supply chain as well as to strengthen its company’s digital footprint… For more information and the details of this project: Группа агропредприятий «Ресурс» внедряет цифровые решения с помощью […]